El Oasis Village

Dry Corridor - Zacapa Guatemala

El Oasis recently had electricity implemented throughout their village. Although new to power, they are very much experienced in living conditions far below the standards we are used to.


In 2012, I visited a village without electricity nor any type of water supply worthy to be considered useful. Although this village lived in the dark and drank from bacteria filled watering holes, amazingly their spirits remained high. This was a true community as the villagers band together to do the best they could with what they had.

The amazing thing about this village, was that no matter how "raw" their living conditions seemed, they still had a wondrous outlook on life and a dream that one day, they would thrive in the village they call home.

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In 2014, their dream almost came true. It was a water reservoir that would pump water from a well, go through a pipeline, and end up at water taps in front of their homes. This project began as a success; however, ended in failure when the electric company, while installing power, broke the water line and buried the pipes under ground, never to be repaired.

The villagers felt hopeless and reverted back to their old ways of obtaining water. Long walks, filling up heavy barrels and pushing them on dollies along train tracks, back to their homes where they would manually siphon the water to personal sized buckets. The whole process would take almost two hours.

The reward for their efforts? Bacterial filled water, as brown as the earth they walked on, until now...

In January 2016, we visited the village of El Oasis and brought with us enough water filters to supply the whole village. The community as a whole, and its inhabitants, experienced the taste water as they have never had it before; crystal clear, pure and fresh.

Because of this, now every member of this community as access to safe drinking water. From their church to the school, as well as the small restaurant at the end of the village. No one is without, from this moment on.


We are not done yet, this village, still initially gets their water from wherever they can, and it is definitely not easy. The reservoir and it's pipe, buried and broken under ground, need urgent repairs.

Help us bring new life back to this village by giving them an opportunity to turn on their taps and drink from the filtered water they now have.

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Located in the "Dry Corridor" we find El Oasis along an abandoned railway near Zacapa Guatemala., home to 100 families.
Although from the map it seems there is an abundance of water near by, this water in fact is polluted from industrial waste coming from the greater, Guatemala City farther to the west.


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Donation Total: $35.00

The children get very sick each month, and now with the filters I am sure they won't. Thank you so much for thinking of us and giving us clean water. God bless you.

REINA Matriarch of El Oasis




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