Las Casitas & Hope Village

Dry Corridor - Zacapa Guatemala

Two villages side by side at the bottom of  a mountainous landscape.  Muddy waters rush down at the beginning of each winter, carrying the remains from the summer before.  Then soon after, the rivers dry and water is scarce once again.


Upon arriving at this village, my first impression was a feeling of contentment.   Water flowed freely, pouring out for easy access, while the families in the villages washed the clothes and prepared meals; children were running around and playing ball as happy as can be.

The houses here were made of concrete, much different then El Oasis.  These villages looked very much well taken care of, and they were.  Thanks to the organization Hope of Life, whose "Village Transformation" project clearly showed here.


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The longer I stayed in this village, more was revealed of the truth behind the issues here.  Beyond the control of its caretakers, Hope of Life had no choice but to ration the water supply in order for it to last throughout the summer months.  Otherwise, bacteria filled water wouldn't be the only issue,  there wouldn't be enough water all together.  It's amazing to think that water covers about 71% of our planet, and here they stood next to a natural water source, but were unable to take as they pleased.

The villagers seemed to manage very well on rationed water,  but the issues grew...literally...

The necessity to ration their water lead to the habit of having filled barrels throughout the village.  Stagnant and dirty, this water would attract enough "issues" to cause serious health problems each month.

The solution was to supply filters so they may drink clean, healthy water, whenever they pleased.

During our initial visit, it was not planed to provide filters here; unfortunately, we did not have enough to supply the whole village.  However, the need is ever present, as a request from its caretakers was brought to us, asking to assess their situation, come up with a plan of action for change and implement it.

We were able to band the communities together for the common goal of access to clean, healthy water.  Creating strategic "water points" throughout the villages, where one would agree to take the responsibility for the maintenance of the filters and allow their neighbors to come and filter their own water.

This temporary solution can only take this village so far.  The need for each villager to own their own water filter, is a must.  Due to this short term solution, locals do not necessarily use the water to its fullest for fear of disturbing the person who looks after the filter.


water care taker 358 x 269


Located at the base of the mountain where Hope of Life is established,  Las Casitas & Hope Village remain in faith that one day, their water supply will flow abundantly clear all year round.  Until that day, we must help them by supplying filters to each member of these communities.


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Praise God for you to have come here to help us.  We appreciate that you have given us access to clean water.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Pastor Head Pastor, Las Casitas




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