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Mission Statement

Provide the means for each individual to obtain clean, healthy water - No matter the location


Sustaining Hope International strives to empower communities with:

·  Strength ·  Opportunity ·  Aptitude ·  Sustainable Development

We wish to bring the voice of hope, harmonizing communities to build a solid foundation for their future, through cooperative networks and community leadership, initiating plans of action for change.


Through transferable knowledge from dedicated volunteers, opportunities to learn new skills otherwise unattainable will aid in the initiation of the community's motivation to create their own successes.


Educating the use of available resources in new and innovative ways will allow communities to contribute to their own sustainable practices, giving hope to a brighter future.


With the preoccupation on survival, it is rare that impoverished communities will consider sustainable principles; thus, our aim is also to promote positive lifestyle changes within these communities, showing that their contribution to a sustainable future has a direct impact on their own health and well-being.


· Availability of Water ·  Reduced Fatality Rates ·  Water Use Education


People, families, schools, and communities, will all have instant access to safe, clean drinking water. Encouraging a thriving community, filled with opportunity and a desire to succeed


Safe water, means new strength and new hope. Fatality rates are drastically reduced due to clean water consumption. Longer lives lead to a productive future for the whole community, contributing to the welfare of the country.


Educating villages on behaviour change communication (BCC) on water, sanitation, and hygiene while using the water system will immensely reduce issues caused by contaminated water ten-fold.

Simple steps - huge results!


Join us for a better life and beautiful future

Become a sponsor by giving a monthly donation and help give families a chance at a better life.

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