Water Purification Facilities

Imagine being able to provide healthy water to EVERYONE in a matter of minutes!!!

Rapid purification system delivers over 1800L of healthy, clean water per hour!!! How many people can be saved

Step 1 - Find ANY water source

Many travel hours and hours to fill a 55 gal oil drum of water. Polluted beyond belief, yet it is all they have, and so no choice but to drink, bath or wash with it.

With the new Water Purification System, villagers will no longer be drinking directly from these barrels.

Step 2 - Send contaminated water through the Purification System

In no time at all, villages undergo a complete transformation as water from the nearby rivers and streams are collected and treated for absolute healthy quality.

The quality of life for anyone who drink from such an amazing filtration system truly is one of love and blessings.

Step 3 - Tag and send on behalf of the Total Village Transformation

Joyful little bundles of pure bliss along with the 18L jugs are packaged and sent out to the most remote of areas,

The goal of our Total Village Transformation, is to is to provide clean water to anyone in need

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