El Oasis,  the first village where we had the chance to change lives.  With the help of our supporters, over 600 people received access to refreshing clear water.  Scroll down to read their stories after having the filter for more than a month.

$11,941 of $20,000 raised


Matriarch of El Oasis

When we had visited Reina and her village on the first occasion to provide the water filters,  we had seen a village divided.  A village seemingly without hope for a strong, healthier future.

Upon our return, we were very happy to see how Reina had adapted her filter to work for her community.  "As a restaurant owner I used to have to boil the water before cooking the meals for my customers, but now I use this much larger barrel to store fresh filtered water.  It's so much easier for me now, and healthier for the people.  Thank you so much for helping our village."



El Oasis

The most difficult part was the integration of these filters in the daily routine of the community.  As this was a new "thing" that the people had to think about doing, many were reluctant to use the filters.

The Pastor of El Oasis village understood this issue and had decided to be the example by changing the routine and placing filtered water at the entrance of the church.  Before the filter, water from a nearby well was provided, although it contained many bugs and bacteria.  With the new integration of the filtered water, the people had begin to notice the difference in the taste, texture and personal well-being.  The Pastor had told us that the cases of diarrhea had drastically reduced to from "30 TO ALMOST NONE" by the end of the month.


Educators of El Oasis

When we arrived at the village to speak, we knew there were a few people for whom we felt would be as dedicated to the community as we were:  Reina, Pastor, and above all, the teachers at the only school for the children of El Oasis.

These teachers were truly dedicated to filtering the water and ensuring the children not only drink from it,  but that they understand how to maintain the filters as well.  This way they would be able go back home after school and teach their parents the importance of clean water and personal hygiene.

Each morning, large water containers would be filtered and ready for use.  The first lesson of the day...proper hygiene techniques and filter maintenance.  Those amazing teachers and equally amazing children will ensure the future health of the village of El Oasis.



The dryness of Zacapa was no match for the thirst quenching, refreshing water the community was able to taste for the first time.


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Because I make all my food now with the filtered water, the people tell me how much better the food tastes.  There are a lot less people who get sick now,  Thank you so much.

REINA Matriarch of El Oasis

I can't tell you how much better my family and I feel now that we have been drinking from the filtered water.  Thank you

MARIA Mother of two

We are really happy that we don't get sick like before.  It's funny because sometimes we have to remind our mom to use the filter.

LINDA Children from El Oasis




Speaking with the community at El Oasis on the importance of filtered water.  See how they react and their feelings on fresh water for the first time.


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